Coaching Connect

Coaching Connect

The Coaching Connect website is the ‘virtual’ meeting place for coaches on the internet. Leadership coaches, Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry, originally developed Coaching Connect for the UK coaching community, but it has grown over the years to include coaches from all over the world. They hold a number of events through the year that bring coaches together and explore new concepts and practices in coaching.

Helping Coaches Find Their Authentic Voice

Coaching Connect is here to support coaches in finding their authentic voice. As coaches we can have a profound impact on the world when we connect with our deeper wisdom and purpose. When our clients sense our ‘authenticity’ it gives them ‘permission’ to stand in their own natural wisdom and creative power.

Coaching Connect works on many levels. On a practical level it provides ideas, tools and techniques to support coaches developing their businesses. There are opportunities to watch videos, read blogs and join networking events. On another level it is encouraging coaches to step out and step up. We see the role of coaches as taking a lead in helping the world to connect with self, others and spirituality – the deeper aspect of the human experience.

Opportunities for Coaches

Coaches and Trainers can ask to be included in the popular database that is a feature of the website.


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Coaching Connect

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