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5 Key Actions for a Year of Success

Success only comes to those who are prepared to put in the hard work, time, and persistence. Here are five key actions you can take to make sure you have a year of success.

Set Ambitious Goals

If you want to be more, you have to do more. One of the hallmarks of successful people is the scale of their ambitions. Setting goals that scare you with their scale is essential if you want a year of success. But it doesn’t end there. Once you have set your goals, you need to make a strategy or action plan to achieve them. Which leads us to the next point.

Get Some Training

When you set ambitious goals, you need the skills to get you there. Once you’ve made your strategy, you might realise that you need to brush up on some skills or maybe even learn some new ones. If your success plan involve starting a podcast or vlog, it might just be worth learning how to do it from someone that has already done it, if they are willing to teach you. If it means raising your social media game, it might be time to find a social media mentor. Similarly, if your life or business has a weak area that you’d like to improve, get some help from an expert.

5 Key Actions for a Year of Success

Act on Your Plan Every Day

Every day, do something for which your future self will be grateful. They say the best time to plant a tree is a year ago and the second best time is today. Plant a tree today, so that you can benefit from it’s shade in the future. So if your plan requires you to write a book, start writing sample dialogues or join a writers’ group this month.

Do What You Love

Life is too short to spend most of it doing things that don’t inspire us. Spend more time on what you love to do than what you have to do and you can change your life. When you do the work that inspires and excites you it is incredibly fulfilling. All achievement starts with enthusiasm and if you want a year full of success you need to spend as much of it doing things that matter to you.

Push Past the Obstacles

Successful people push through their shyness and self-doubt. When necessary, they allow others to push them too. After all, that’s what parents, teachers and mentors are for. The tough times are there to be overcome. Push past every obstacle to ensure your year of success.

The Next Step

So here it is: if you want to have a year of success, you must set goals that scare you, make an action plan, set aside time and resources to improve or learn the new skills that you will need, do something daily to advance you along your planned path, do work that you feel passionate about, and push past all the obstacles that will jump in your path over the next 12 months. That’s a lot of hard work. Better get started today. Grab a sheet of paper and start working on that plan right now.

5 Key Actions for a Year of Success

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