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Plymouth Pub Guide

Pubs and Bars in Plymouth


Plymouth is a great place for a night out. Being a port city, a student city (with Plymouth University situated right in the city centre) and also the biggest city in the county of Devon, Plymouth has a terrific selection of pubs and bars.

The discerning drinker will not be disappointed as Plymouth has a great variety of watering holes to choose from.

Plymouth City Centre Pubs and Bars

The city centre has a multitude of pubs and bars to visit, including the famous (and sometimes infamous) Union Street.

Ranging from traditional spit and sawdust pubs to modern wine bars, there is a pub or bar to suit every age and taste in Plymouth city centre. Close to places of work, theatres and shops, those who fancy a break on the way home, or a whole evening out, can just pop in and sample for themselves a range of traditional ales, wine, spirits, or cocktails.

Pubs and Bars on Plymouth Barbican

Pubs and bars in Plymouth

Plymouth Barbican

Plymouth Barbican offers a different kind of drinking experience. Along the Barbican itself, Southside Street and Sutton Harbour, there are many different pubs and bars. Plymouth Gin is an essential venue for anyone who appreciates a bit of history with their tipple. Blackfriars Distillery on Southside Street is home to the legendary smooth taste of Plymouth Gin. Some newcomers and others with a long established tradition, all of them have that Barbican feel to them.

The sea air, the fishing boats, the lights reflected on the water, the cobbled streets, the historic buildings; all these things add to the unique atmosphere of the Barbican. You can even drink al fresco under an umbrella or awning on balmy summer nights. Some pubs here have a great tradition and entering them is like going back in time to a more charming and innocent age. By contrast modern sports bars with all the latest facilities and fancy cocktails offer a change of mood.

The Dolphin Hotel & Pub, Plymouth, Devon

The Dolphin Hotel

Country Pubs on Dartmoor

If a country pub is more to your taste then the outskirts of Plymouth will have much to offer. On the fringes of Dartmoor National Park, these pubs have their own unique country charm and will provide a different experience for your night out. Many also serve food, so there is no need to go anywhere else.

Dartmoor ponies

Dartmoor ponies are a common sight around some of our country pubs

A Great Night Out in Plymouth

Plymouth is in an extremely lucky position to be able to offer not only the classic city centre pubs and bars, but unique nautical pubs on Plymouth’s waterfront and Barbican areas, with stunning sea views. There is an enormous selection of charming country pubs on the outskirts of the city and in the villages on Dartmoor National Park. No other city in Britain offers such a variety of pub and bar experiences for your night out.

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