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7 Unexpected Facts About Devonport Column

7 Unexpected Facts About Devonport Column

by | Around Plymouth

Devonport Column

Devonport Column

If you haven’t been to the Devonport Column in Plymouth yet, you’ve missed one of the best-preserved historic landmarks our city has to offer. Neighbour to the elegant Devonport Guildhall, here are all the facts you need.

Devonport Column is Tall

Devonport Column is 3,779.52cm tall. That’s 124 feet above street level. Can’t picture that? Imagine 9 and a half cars parked end to end. Then turn that around so they’re piled (still nose to tail) one above each other pointing into the sky. There you go.

Devonport Column is Not Too Tall

Whilst it is a noticeable landmark on Plymouth’s skyline, there are a few taller things. For example, it would take 12 Devonport Columns to fit into the Empire State Building.

Devonport Column is Open to the Public

In 1830 the entrance fee was 1 shilling. Public access was restricted in the 1950s and finally closed in the 1990s. Happily, it is now open again. These days we can still visit the Column from Monday to Saturday but, as the economy has changed a little since 1830, adults can get in for £2.50 (Concessions: £1.50 and Children: £1.00).

Devonport Column is More Than a Step Up

There are 137 granite steps to the observation gallery at the summit. If you don’t fancy climbing them, there’s a webcam which will show you the view from the top.

Devonport Column, Plymouth

Devonport Column, Plymouth

Devonport Column is of Historical Importance

Devonport Column was built in 1824 with the permission of King George IV to commemorate the establishment of Devonport as a separate town. It was previously known as Plymouth Dock. The column was designed by John Foulston.

Devonport Column is Connected

If you, like me, love your smartphone you’ll be glad to hear that Devonport Column has WiFi installed. You can get access to historical information about the column and Devonport (as well as check your Twitter account of course) while you’re there.

Devonport Column, Plymouth

Artisan bread from the Column Bakehouse and a bottle of Column Ale

Devonport Column is Tasty

Did you know that there is an artisan bakery in the neighbouring Devonport Guildhall? It is open from 10am until 4pm and serves homemade bread, cakes, pastries, and soup. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Everything they sell is made or baked in-house. You can even buy a bottle or two of Column Ale.

If you want to visit Devonport Column, check out the website  or ring 01752 395028 for all the opening times and latest price information. Remember to say you saw them on inPlymouth.com though.

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