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Exercise! Your Body Enjoys it

Exercise! Your Body Enjoys it

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You don’t need to be told about the benefits of regular exercise and I could go on forever about them – but we all know them, right? In a recent survey that I conducted among Plymothians, 23.8% stated that they never exercise and 19% only exercise once or twice a week.

Where do you fit in? Those who said they do not exercise were asked what might motivate them to do so, responses included:

  • Having more time
  • Cheaper gyms/opportunities to exercise
  • Being dragged to exercise because they enjoy it when they do
  • Having an actual event to train for
  • Having others to train with
  • Losing weight before because they are embarrassed to exercise

Let’s address some of these barriers:

Having More Time

It is a common mistake that people make when they assume you need to slog away at exercise for an hour or more to get any benefits. On the contrary, to get the best results from exercise, you are wise to work out at a higher intensity for 20-30 minutes.

Being Dragged to Exercise

Your body enjoys exercise, even if you don’t think it does! Scientists have discovered that exercise makes your brain release chemicals that make you feel good – the same chemicals that you get from antidepressants. For mild depression, research shows that physical activity can be as good as antidepressants or psychological treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The endorphins released by your body when you exercise are also a natural painkiller. So instead of waiting to be dragged to exercise, why not try listening to your own body for a change?

Having an Event to Train For

If you need a reason to exercise then this is a great one. Why not sign up for a charity event that involves fitness? There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in us, develop new skills, make new friends and raise money for a worthy cause. Getting exercise is simply a by-product.

Losing Weight Before Exercise

It is really common to feel embarrassed about your weight. I have spent a lot of my life in gyms and places where people exercise and can honestly say, nobody is looking and nobody cares.

We have become a city of people who are happy to invest money and time on our lifestyles and gadgets but we neglect the most important thing; our bodies. I don’t believe that you need to spend a fortune on expensive gym membership or Personal Trainers but I would always advise getting some sessions to help with motivation and to ensure you are safe.

About the Author:

This is a guest post from Guy Brightman. Guy is a Personal Trainer in Plymouth and is very passionate about helping people to find their love for fitness. Exercise should be fun and you should get a lot more out than you invest. The PT Guy (Guy Brightman) can be contacted on [email protected] or 07748 117724. Or you can visit his website: ptguy.co.uk

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