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Which Is Greener - Country Life or City Life?

Which Is Greener – Country Life or City Life?

by | The Plymouth Blog

People who want to live a greener life often move to the country, raise chickens, grow their own vegetables and take part in country life generally.

But, is it really greener to live in the country? I would argue that it may not be. People who want to be really green should live in the city.

Everything in Walking Distance

For example, I live in Plymouth. I can walk into the city centre in half an hour. I can walk to the swimming pool or the local shops and school in 10 to 15 minutes. If I’m too lazy to walk, there is a bus stop at the end of my road with a bus running every 10 minutes.

As a result, and because I’m not lazy 🙂 I tend to walk to most places that I go to. This means one less car on the road, less money spent on petrol, less carbon emissions, and I don’t need to spend money going to the gym because walking keeps me fit.

Country Life

For most people I know who live in the country, however, it is a very different story. They live in the splendid countryside, but because they are a little geographically isolated, because they are not so well served with public transport as us city folk, they are very reliant upon their cars.

As a result they tend to drive everywhere. Well, they may walk to the local pub or the village shop, but if they want to go to the supermarket, buy clothes, go to the swimming pool, the cinema, to visit a friend, or get their child to school, then it often means they have to jump in their car.

Well, I don’t need to point out the consequences of that, (but I will anyway!), even those who don’t drive a 4x4 are using significant amounts of petrol, clogging up the roads and giving off carbon emissions.

What do You Think?

I’m not getting at country folk, everyone has a right to live where they choose and lead the lifestyle they use. But should people automatically assume that it is greener to live in the countryside? Maybe we shouldn’t. Over to you: what do you think?

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