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How to Flex Your Twitter BICEP

How to Flex Your Twitter BICEP

by | Ash Mashhadi Internet Expert

Plymouth is home to a very active Twitter community. We use it to discuss local issues, find out what’s going on, connect with people like ourselves and attract customers to our businesses. I am happy to say I know nearly every Plymothian who is currently on Twitter (if I’m not following you yet, let me know) and the fact is we’re all a pretty generous and supportive crowd. When you need help or advice on almost any topic, there’s always someone willing to help you. But despite that, not enough users know how to make the most of their account.

Why You Need to Be On Twitter

That’s where this handy acronym comes in. If you want to get the best from your Twitter, you need to know how to flex your Twitter BICEP:

  • Business – there no better way to get new business, develop products, build brand awareness, observe the competition and connect with new suppliers all in one place than Twitter. The low cost of entry makes it perfect for start-ups, and Twitter’s ability to mobilise massive community support makes it the perfect platform for brand-building. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your brand values before you start, though.
  • Information – Twitter is now widely acknowledged as the fastest way to get information, knowledge and news in the world. Forget the BBC, the first place people now go to for breaking news is Twitter. Traditional news sources can’t compete these days. Local newspapers are a joke compared to the speed at which Twitter users can share and spread news of local and world events.
  • Connection – Twitter is incredibly good for making connections with large numbers of like-minded people. This can be good socially, but for business it is invaluable. What companies previously had to buy advertising space for on tv, radio and the press, we can now largely do ourselves. Imagine having access to thousands of people who share an interest in what your company does. What would you say to them?
  • Engagement – engagement is all about taking these connections and discovering shared values, opinions, attitudes. It’s about what we do with the connections we make. Do we chat? Inform? Entertain? This is where so many businesses get it wrong with Twitter. It is too easy to apply old ways of thinking to what is still a new medium and start blasting out “buy my stuff” messages. The most effective users of Twitter realise that it is part of a changing reality in business, where the balance of power has shifted from large business into the hands of the consumer. On Twitter, engagement is about knowing where you want to take the connections that you make online.
  • Publicity – Twitter is a great way to spread the word locally, nationally, and even internationally if you want. What do you want to publicise? An event, a cause, or a business? Whatever it is, pick your hashtag, write your blog posts, create your infographics, but above all set your publicity strategy for Twitter. If you get the messages and strategy right, the object of your promotion could be shared to thousands of people within minutes. And not just once, but over and over again.

The Next Step

Twitter is a great way to attract new clients to your  business, get and share valuable information or news, connect quickly with vast numbers of people, engage with them to provide value, and generate massive amounts of publicity for whatever you’re doing. Whatever it is you do, whether it is running a business, organising events, or setting up a tourist attraction, Twitter is a massive opportunity. Success is about being prepared when opportunity knocks. It’s time to get prepared to flex your Twitter BICEP.

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