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Lessons From a Puppy

Lessons From a Puppy

by | Personal Development

We’ve just got a labradoodle puppy called Buzz. He epitomises cuteness and charm and everyone who meets him dissolves into coo’s of delight. However, although this puppy can be at times a pure joy; at others he is a real terror. Buzz has only been in our lives for 2 weeks and what a lot he’s taught me in that short time.

Don’t Make Serious Decisions When You’re Tired

New puppies are exhausting. They are like a tornado of energy and fun. For the first two nights I hardly slept a wink. My days dissolved into bleary-eyed rituals of getting through the day. I began to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Not only did I question whether I was cut out to look after a puppy, I also questioned whether I was good at anything in my life any more.

It’s so easy, when you’re tired, to feel like life is getting on top of you. It’s also easy, when you’re tired, to question whether you’ve got any skills and talents. The first lesson I learnt from Buzz is that when you’re tired, have a good night’s sleep before embarking on any serious conversations or before taking important decisions.

Patience is the Only Way

The second lesson I’ve learnt from Buzz is around patience. With a puppy, nothing is simple. Whatever I do requires planning and patience. A simple trip to the shops isn’t quick any more. It involves encouraging him to the car, or settling him down to sleep before we go out. A puppy can’t be rushed. When you’re out on a walk he investigates EVERY new thing he comes across – it can be slow. I thought that when I got a puppy he’d easily fit into my lifestyle – how wrong I was. I’m the one that has to fit into his lifestyle! Buzz is proving a great lesson in patience.

The Joy of Being Alive

The final lesson I’ve learnt from Buzz is his joyfulness at everything in life. He spends hours chasing leaves as they blow across the ground. He seems able to make a game out of everything. It could be an empty card board box, an old sock or a stick.

Everything he sees is new and needs investigating. His exuberance around children is unmatched. He finds everything and anything a delight. Buzz is making me see the world afresh through his eyes. Ferns, long grass, sticks, plants, horses, cats, children, cars – you name it, in his world everything is new and amazing.

The Lessons Continue

No doubt the lessons with Buzz will continue. He’s bringing a new and different dimension into our day to day routine. I’m sure this is just the start of a whole new life for us. I’ll keep you posted on what else Buzz teaches us along the way.

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