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Why a Runaway Greenhouse is Great News for Plymouth

Why a Runaway Greenhouse is Great News for Plymouth

by | The Plymouth Blog

The news this morning that police have been chasing a ‘runaway greenhouse’ in Plymouth made me laugh, but it also made me grateful. Here’s why…

In some cities the police spend most of their time chasing down drug dealers, searching for armed robbers, and solving horrific muggings, rapes and murders.

Serious Crimes?

Although serious crimes like these do happen from time to time in Plymouth, they are much less frequent than in large conurbations such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, where they can be daily occurrences.

Dull = Good

Some people might find a city where police chase a ‘runaway greenhouse’ dull, but exciting is not always good. The victims of crime would prefer their lives to be dull and safe, rather than experience the ‘drama’ of being a victim.

When you open a local newspaper or check out the online headlines and find nothing really exciting has happened in your city, then be thankful! Let the excitement of crime and violence be confined to television, films and books, because when it intrudes upon real life then it’s not exciting at all, but awful.

Bring on Runaway Greenhouses

So bring on runaway greenhouses, lost sheep, and cats travelling on buses, because stories like these reassure me that Plymouth is a safe place to live, work, and bring up children. Headlines like these also make me smile and brighten my day.

Here are some Plymouth headlines that have amused me in the past:

  • “Plymouth woman arrested for ‘tortoise smuggling’ at Stansted Airport” – 10/05/11 Plymouth Herald
  • “Devon sacrificial goat deaths investigated” – 14/05/11 BBC News Devon Website
  • “Chocolate Theft a ‘Gift for Gran” – 29/06/11 Plymouth Evening Herald

What are you favourite funny Plymouth headlines?


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