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Save Money On Your Gas And Electricity

Save Money On Your Gas And Electricity

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With Gas and Electricity prices rising steeply, and more possible rises to come, we could all do with some ideas on how to keep our bills down. Follow our tips to cut down on your usage and keep your bills manageable.

Switch Off

The first thing you must do is to tour your home and switch off lights, TV’s and any other device which isn’t being used.

Don’t forget to turn off every gadget which is on standby, as machines on standby use almost as much electricity as when they are being used.

Frustratingly some modern devices don’t have an off switch, only a standby switch. Here the only option is to switch the device off at the wall.

Try not to charge your mobile phone at night, as generally two hours is sufficient to charge a phone and after that electricity is just being wasted.

Change To Low Energy

Next, buy some energy saving light bulbs and change every bulb in the house.

Energy saving lighbulbs are readily available from a range of shops, including supermarkets, are much cheaper to buy than they used to be and can save a lot of money over time. There are also more styles available now, so energy saving bulbs needn’t look out of place with your decor.

Also you don’t need to change them very often, a particular bonus if your lightbulb is situated in an awkward place.

Put On An Extra Layer

When the weather gets chilly, don’t wander around in shorts and a T shirt and reach for the heating switch. Put a jumper on!

Layers are particularly effective for keeping you warm. Try a T shirt or vest, with a long sleeve T shirt over the top and then add a jumper. The three layers will trap body heat and should keep you quite toasty and warm. Don’t forget warm slippers and thick socks.

If you feel cold in the evening whilst watching TV, try snuggling under a blanket instead of turning the heating up. Fleece is good as it’s lightweight but very warm. A mug of tea or hot chocolate will help to keep you warm.

Try putting draft excluders where there are gaps under your doors and have thick curtains at windows to keep the cold air out.

If it’s practical to have cavity wall and/or loft insulation fitted, then you’ll find that the heat is retained much more effectively in your home.

Wash With Lower Temperatures

Using a bowl when washing up, rather than running the hot tap and having a shower instead of a bath, can save a lot of power.

If you have a dishwasher, rinse your dishes in cold water before putting them in the dishwasher. This helps to shift dried on food and will avoid you having to wash them twice.

If your clothes aren’t very dirty then wash them in the washing machine on a 30 degree setting, as heating the water for your wash is expensive. Modern laundry liquids and powders are designed to wash well on a 30 degree wash.

Dry Clothes The Natural Way

Instead of automatically tumbling your clothes dry, try putting them on the washing line outdoors. It doesn’t need to be sunny, just dry, as the wind will dry your washing very effectively. If it’s raining then get an indoor clothes line put up somewhere, or get a large clothes horse and hang your washing on it to dry.

If the radiators are on then you may want to spread washing on these to dry, as you’re using the power to heat the radiators anyway. A word of warning, bear in mind that drying clothes indoors will produce moisture in the air. If you’re worried about damp or condensation, then open a window a few inches to allow the moist air to escape.

Finally, instead of using a hairdryer try drying your hair naturally. Heating small appliances uses a lot of electricity.

Don’t Forget

These tips to cut down on your gas and electricity usage should mean that you can weather the price rises more easily, leaving more money to spend on your other essential bills.

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