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See Plymouth Love Plymouth - Meet Robert Mayall

See Plymouth Love Plymouth – Meet Robert Mayall

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In the last few days the link to a new video “See Plymouth, Love Plymouth” about our city has been going viral via social media. The film was made by Robert Mayall, who has just completed his time here at the University of Plymouth. Watch his film here, and afterwards, read our interview with him.

I wanted to know more about the person behind the film, so I tracked Robert  Mayall down and he agreed to give InPlymouth.com an interview.

Why did you make this film about Plymouth?

I think the South West of England is a lovely area, plus I get to live next to the sea which is a bonus! It seems really friendly here and there’s lots to do to keep me occupied. I made the film for two reasons: to inspire people to visit Plymouth, and so that I have a little keepsake for when I leave.

Which course did you study in Plymouth?

I started studying BA Media Arts in September 2009. I’ve always been interested in video production. It started off in secondary school, making videos with my friends, and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I should get a degree in it so that I could have a job I actually love in the future.

Now you’ve finished your studies, what kind of work are you looking for?

I’m hoping to get into video production. I enjoy cinematography, so perhaps something in that area. Ideally I’d love to work for a big company like the BBC, ITV or our very own TwoFour which is very highly regarded in the industry.

What is it about video production that draws you? What’s your passion?

The whole process of coming up with an idea, figuring out how to do it and watching as it all comes together is amazing, and then I have something at the end to show for it all. Showing my work to other people, seeing their reactions and receiving praise for something I made.

See Plymouth Love Plymouth

Did you expect your Plymouth video to be so popular?

Never! I sent the video to a couple of different people but I didn’t expect it to receive as much positive feedback as it did!

Is there any way you’d change or improve it if you had the chance? Or if you did another, which aspect of Plymouth would you like to explore?

I would have liked to have included some night-time footage of places around Plymouth, but I couldn’t do this due to technical limitations. I would also have liked to have included more footage from places like North Hill, the City Centre, Mutley and other places like Devonport.

It’s a shame for Plymouth to lose another talented person. What would persuade you to stay here?

If I could find a job within the media industry in Plymouth I would probably stay. I know there are a couple of businesses in the area but I haven’t contacted any regarding employment opportunities yet (although I most likely will within the next couple of months). I would love To stay in Plymouth if it was possible.

What will you miss the most if you do have to leave Plymouth?

Most of all I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made here, but I’ll also miss the convenience of living in the city, the variety of places in Plymouth (like the Barbican and the Hoe) which are easily within walking distance of each other. The city itself has a good range of shops and I’m never short of things to do here.

About the Author:

Potential employers can contact Robert Mayall on Twitter @RobertMayall or via email on [email protected]


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