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Seven Reasons Why Plymouth Is Great

Seven Reasons Why Plymouth Is Great

by | Around Plymouth

Plymouth is a great place to live and work. I’ve just thought of seven reasons why.

Plymouth people are friendly

Plymothians are a friendly bunch. I’ve lived in places where I’ve never really felt I blended in, but in Plymouth I have always felt at home. I may have not have the accent, but in Plymouth that doesn’t seem to matter as much as it does in some cities. It’s not how you talk but what you say that counts.

Plymouth has many green spaces

From the Hoe, to Central Park, from Victoria Park to Freedom Fields Park, Plymouth has a lot of areas where people can go to relax and unwind. Walk the dog, take the children to play, do some jogging or just go for a stroll; there are many places to choose from in Plymouth as it has 28 parks.

Central Park, Plymouth

Central Park, Plymouth

Plymouth is next to the sea

This is a great advantage. People who grew up here may take this for granted, but to someone who grew up inland, you can never get blase about this! Plymouth Hoe is one of the world’s great natural harbours. Every time I walk onto the Hoe I am amazed afresh at how good it is to have the sea on my doorstep and the sound of seagulls always makes me feel like I’m on holiday.

Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth Hoe is a Great Place to be on a Sunny Day

Plymouth has a distinguished history

Plymouth has a long and distinguished history behind it. From the English Civil War, to the sailing of the Mayflower to a new world, from Sir Francis Drake to Sir Francis Chichester, Plymouth has been the location for many notable and exciting historic events.

The city centre may be modern, but Plymouth has it’s roots set firmly in history. From the Citadel to the Elizabethan House, from the Mayflower Steps to the War Memorial, physical reminders of Plymouth’s vibrant past are all around.

The Mayflower Memorial, Plymouth Barbican

The Mayflower Memorial, Plymouth Barbican

Plymouth is easy to get around

Again this is something some people may take for granted, but to anyone who has lived in London, Plymouth’s compactness is a constant delight. In London it takes an hour to two hours to go just about anywhere. In Plymouth I can get to most places that I want to in ten to twenty minutes. The roads are relatively clear (apart from the Tavistock Road in the rush hour) and you can cruise along at a comfortable speed until you get to your destination. Trust me, that never happens in London.

Plymouth has great facilities

Plymouth has some really excellent facilites for sport, leisure and shopping. From Home Park, to Brickfields, from the Theatre Royal to the Barbican Theatre, from Drake Circus to Frankfort Gate, from Barbican Leisure Park to the Arts Centre, Plymouth has a lot of entertainment to offer its residents.

Drake Circus Shopping Mall, Plymouth

Drake Circus Shopping Mall, Plymouth

Plymouth is a centre of excellence

Plymouth has a reputation for excellence in several fields.

Marine science is something that Plymouth is known for. Plymouth Marine Laboratory is a world-renowned centre of excellence for marine science and technology. This is partly why the National Marine Aquarium was built here.

Derriford Hospital is well regarded and Plymouth has been chosen as a base for new dental and medical schools. Peninsula Medical School is one of five entirely new medical schools and was one of the first to be developed in the UK for more than 30 years.

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Plymouth was named by Which? Holiday magazine as among a list of ‘Ten of the places we love to visit across this great land’ and it is a brilliant base for excursions as well as worth a visit in its own right

Plymouth has also traditionally had a reputation for being a ship building city. Devonport Dockyard is the largest Naval Base in Western Europe and even though it has been scaled down over the years, it is still a base for excellence.

Can You Add a Reason?

These are just some of the reasons why I think Plymouth is great and I’m sure other people who live here could come up with many, many more. If you can can think of one that you’d like us to add, then just use the form below.

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