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Swedish Interior Design Brings Beautiful Sound Proofing

Take a look at these remarkably beautiful sound absorbing tiles from Swedish design studio Form Us With Love.

There’s a classic European style to these environmentally friendly panels that could make you feel like you have your own Nordic Noir home. Called BAUX  Träullit, they form part of their interior design brand BAUX.

The tiles are made of wood wool, cement and water. Styled with an elegant palette of muted colours, they create a moisture-resistant material which is remakably acoustically absorbent. We think interior designers will love them.

Swedish Design Brings Beautiful Sound Proofing

The designers tells us: “BAUX is founded on the belief that building materials should be both surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful”.


They go on to say: “Benefits include lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and a stable indoor climate”.



What do You Think?

How do you feel about these panels? Have the designers produced a true mix of form and function? And even if they have, could you see these panels being used in Plymouth?


Swedish Interior Design Brings Beautiful Sound Proofing

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