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A Very Simple Guide to Event Planning

A Very Simple Guide to Event Planning

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This quick 12 point guide will help you make sure you are on the right track for a successful event.

Holding a successful event involves a lot of knowledge and planning. Even an experienced event planner needs to do their research, and meticulously itemise every action that needs to be taken, to ensure the event is a huge success.

  1. Event Vision – why are we putting this event on, what are our key objectives, will we know when we have reached there?
  2. Budgets and Resources – How much money and people do we have?
  3. Date and venue – Dates impact availability and pricing
  4. Book date and venue – check for other event industry clashes
  5. Book speakers and entertainment – make sure your delegates will not be disappointed.
  6. Begin marketing and PR – Start now at the very latest, you can begin this process as soon as you are aware that your event will go ahead
  7. Buy insurance, check licensing requirements and obtain approvals – Make sure you comply with the legal side of things
  8. Keep marketing and selling – sounds obvious, keep the energy going
  9. Issue delegate/sponsors/speakers information packs – How else will they know where to go
  10. Deliver event – This is your showtime – keep calm at all times
  11. Send out your press releases – Too many events do not make the most of the publicity available.
  12. Evaluate event and determine whether vision was met and budget achieved – Did it all work well, what have you learned for the next event

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This article is sponsored by - planetplanit.biz

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