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It's Your Wedding Day. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It’s Your Wedding Day. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


It is probably the most stress-filled, expensive and significant day of your adult life. Everything for your wedding day is organised and ready. Or is it? Paul Cook takes a look at the ins and outs of providing a safety net for your big day.

It’s Your Wedding Day!

The Big Day is here at last. The catering is sorted, the marquee is set up, the DJ is on his way. Nothing can go wrong now. Of course, if you stretch your imagination you could think of some tiny possibilities, but they are too small to worry about. It is pretty unlikely that the DJ’s car will break down, and the chances of the marquee being blown away like a kite are pretty remote; there is virtually no chance that the caterers will deliver your buffet to the wrong wedding. You’re just being over-anxious. Anyway, these are relatively minor problems compared to the bride or groom having a last minute change of heart, or someone objecting during the ceremony. Well, better double-check on the caterers. Just in case.

The average cost of a wedding in Britain is now over ?18,000. Some guests will travel large distances to attend and the expectations of both families are enormous. The fear of something going wrong on the day can come to dominate your enjoyment of the event. Increasingly in the UK brides, grooms and wedding planners are turning to insurance as a safety net. Typically, a policy will cover cancellation expenses, suppliers? deposits, transport, rings, cakes, flowers, rings and personal liability. With the cost of catering often coming in at more than ?2,600 and dress hire, vehicles and jewellery exceeding that, weddings these days are not just an emotional commitment, they can also be a major financial burden.

Wedding Insurance Can Help

You can’t insure against the groom being too drunk to say ?I do?, but when you don’t have to worry about finding the money to have all your wedding photos re-shot because the photographer had his cameras stolen that night, you can relax and enjoy the day a lot more. You’d be surprised at how many couples have extra last-minute expenses because their DJ or entertainer failed to show. One of the most common causes of law suits arising from accidents at weddings is an over-polished dance floor. Our research shows that the top four wedding insurance claims include damage to wedding dresses, having to cancel the wedding because of illness, accident or bereavement, caterers not turning up and needing to have the photos re-taken. Then you also have all the potential problems with suppliers; your flowers or cake may not arrive or you find that the venue has been double booked.

Use a Specialist

Wedding insurance is surprisingly easy to arrange and the cost is tiny compared to the overall costs of your wedding. If you want all the options explained properly, speak to a broker who specialises in event policies. Clarity Event Insurance are specialists in wedding insurance and event insurance and can make the whole process simple for you.

The Good News

The vicar may be vacuous, the bridegroom might be tongue-tied and the Best Man may turn out to be the worst man on the day, but all might not be lost. Even if the flowers droop, the photographer faints and the buffet gives you botulism, your special day can be retrieved. A good insurance policy could pay for a replacement party and a fresh set of photos.

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