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What is Your Twitter Style?

What is Your Twitter Style?

by | Ash Mashhadi Internet Expert

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Somebody said to me the other day: “Twitter has every type of person you can think of.” Having been on the social media platform for a few years now, I can say that each person I meet on Twitter seems to have their own particular style. Interestingly though, there are several distinct styles. After you’ve read through this list, see if you can answer the question: what is your Twitter style?

The Chatterbox

These tweeps love to use Twitter to socialise. They’re the ones who share their cake recipes and holiday stories. In my experience, they can also be the most fun. They love to engage. Try talking to one – you’ll want to do it twice.

The Journalist

This twitter style loves to hunt out the latest breaking news item and send out links and updates. They are the ones driving social media’s growing reputation as a viable news medium. Are the newspapers dead? Far from it, but these twitterers would love it to be true. Long may they continue: I’ve learned so much from them that I couldn’t repay it, even if I lived as long as Methuselah.

The Retweeter

These people are amongst the most prolific on Twitter. Indeed, some power users have based their entire twitter USP as being a kind of Twitter aggregator. The have the ability to spot useful or interesting tweets at 100 paces. Before you know it, they have retweeted it out to their (often very large) audience of followers. You know what? The Retweeters are responsible for making Twitter what it is today.

This is the way that one person’s message can spread across the world within minutes. That’s impressive.

The Cool Kiddy

These types are into all the latest cutting edge social media speak. They have the coolest hairstyles and might even wear ironic t-shirts that cost more than your best suit. They love to talk about how Twitter, Facebook and their lesser-known cousins are going to make a brave new world but love their elite status. They’re rarely seen outside of a trendy coffee shops with good wi-fi connections. They can be more than a little self-absorbed.

The Selfish Promoter

This person has a Twitter account but rarely uses it to engage with anyone. They don’t retweet other peoples’ comments or finds and they are allergic to providing information for others. Unless, that is, the information is about them. They may only tweet once every few days, but when they do it is usually to talk about their own business. “Buy from me!” is their unconvincing mantra. A variant of this Twitter style is the person who tweets continually and often retweets but each time it is a thinly-veiled excuse to mention themselves yet again.

The Expert

The Experts are among the powerhouses of Twitter. They are generous with their knowledge that has been accumulated through years of hard work. Their followers have a great opportunity to dip into that knowledge for free. One of the best things about Twitter is that there are so many experts willing to share their knowledge and experience. Among these people, I would recommend you follow:

  • @guykawasaki
  • @arkarthick
  • @chrisbrogan
  • @terrinakamura
  • @clutterexpert
  • @ruhanirabin
  • @J_Canfield

The Quotivater

Some people hate them, some people love them. These are the people who tweet quotations and/or original comments that are meant to motivate, inspire and generally enhance our lives. It may not be your bag, but many people do love them (me included, so back off!). They help us to achieve personal or professional goals and/or targets and frankly I’ll take all the help I can get with that.

What’s Your Twitter Style?

So have you worked out your Twitter style yet? Have I missed any? If you enjoyed this article, thank me by leaving a quick comment here or sending me a tweet?

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