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Why Parents Make Great Managers

Why Parents Make Great Managers

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Parents have skills which shouldn’t be overlooked by organisations when recruiting.

Parents juggle their job, the running of the home, the physical demands of childcare, and learn to manage people (because children are mini people). The successful carrying out of all these many roles calls for time-management skills which would be the envy of many, if they knew what most parents have to deal with on a daily basis

Endless Demands

Mothers, in particular carry out a huge variety of roles, usually very successfully. First thing in the morning parents get themselves ready for work, they get their children ready for school, they deal with the last minute demands for homework to be printed out, costumes to be supplied on the instant, or ingredients for cookery rustled up within the next five minutes. They deal with all of this effortlessly, get to work on time, carry out a day’s work and whilst at work they concentrate fully upon the job in hand.

They then go home, collecting their children from childcare on the way in many cases, cook tea, persuade their children to do their homework and get to bed at a reasonable time, do their own work or meeting preparation whilst the children are in bed, and then get themselves to bed at a reasonable time, so that they can be refreshed for another onslaught the next day.

Multi-Skilled and Multi-Tasking

This gruelling regime isn’t temporary, but is carried out day after day, month after month, year after year. Parents not only cope but in most cases thrive on this type of challenge, because they know that they have what it takes. Before they had children they may not have known that they had these skills; the emotional and physical reserves, the problem solving skills, the sheer stamina and determination not to give in that parenthood brings out in a person.

Transferable Skills

But once parents develop these skills then they don’t forget them. The confidence and problem solving skills that parenthood teaches, come in incredibly useful in the workplace.

The people management skills that come from organising and motivating a gang of children or teenagers, come in very useful when organising a group of people at work. As most parents know, children and teenagers function best when their needs are understood, making them feel empowered and motivated. The skills needed to do this translate incredibly well into the work place, where a good manager should be inclusive, be able to motivate their team, manage their time effectively and solve problems that crop up.

So when you’re looking for a good manager or team leader, then don’t overlook the skills that mothers and fathers can bring to the table. They have resources within themselves that others can only dream of.

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