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You Know You're in Plymouth When

You Know You’re in Plymouth When…

by | Around Plymouth

Everyone who lives in Plymouth loves it (unless they are seriously deluded!). But what sets Plymouth apart from lesser places?

When you’ve been away to foreign lands, like Exeter or London, what are the unmistakeable signs that you are back in Plymouth? For your convenience I’ve compiled a check list:

  1. Seagulls keep you awake at night. Those loveable little feathered friends of ours can get a bit noisy at times.
  2. People don’t stare straight through you. In London or other large conurbations you can easily feel as if you don’t really exist. Not so in Plymouth, where people may actually speak to you!
  3. You can get to most places in 20 minutes. Apart from when the council are carrying out interminable roadworks (like now).
  4. Lots and lots of pampas grass. It’s hard to explain why, but it’s growing everywhere.
  5. Everyone walks at a slight angle because of the wind. Especially on the Hoe. For temporary relief, enter the sanctuary of Drake Circus.

  6. You will be unfazed by the even the strangest of architecture. Years of gazing at the outside of Drake Circus means that most Plymothians are immune to bad architecture.
  7. You need an umbrella and sunglasses everywhere you go. Don’t risk leaving home without them. Plymouth weather can be very changeable.
  8. You’ll get called ‘My lover’ by a complete stranger. Unnerving for visitors, Plymothians take this in their stride.

  9. You may bump into Sir Francis and Lady Drake in full Elizabethan costume, especially on the Hoe. Plymothians will appear unsurprised by this phenomenon as it’s been happening to them for years.
  10. When someone shouts green army, you know the military haven’t arrived. Visitors may leap to attention, but not you.
  11. You’ve developed strong legs due to walking up hills. Walking down them develops your leg muscles too.
  12. Weekends are tough, because you can’t decide which beach to go to. With Devon and Cornwall to choose from, Plymothians are spoilt for choice and may be paralysed by indecison.

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